About Us

The greatest gift you can give your child is a thirst for learning. After all, the first 18 years or more of
your child’s life will be dedicated to education, and after that, like everyone else, they will still
continue to learn for as long as they live.
Understanding this, our biggest aspiration at Kinder World Smart Centre is to inspire children to
want to learn. Because it is the constant curiosity, the yearning for knowledge and the inner spark
of imagination that will help unleash your child’s potential as they grow older and face the many
opportunities that life has to offer.
Since 1998, our holistic learning centres (in USJ and Putra Heights) have been inspiring the growth
and development of children through Montessori styled education in a fun, conducive and
comfortable learning environment. We offer a variety of both pre-school curricular programmes for
children aged 2-6, as well as primary care that is available for children above 6 years of age.
Read our website to find out more or visit us to discover how we can inspire the joy of learning
early in your child’s life.

Kinder World Smart Center is part of The Education Group that is focused on the development and provision of education services via post-school educational institutions, enrichment centres and skills-based academies. The center began as a timely and creative business opportunity that arose out of the Group’s passion for education.
Opening children’s minds to the joys of learning
Kinder World Smart Centre has been building strong educational foundations for children since 1994, using the world renowned Montessori learning and teaching techniques that emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development, while also harnessing the technological advancements in society.
Encouraging self expression
What sets us apart is our focus on child-centred learning, where we balance focused tasks with activities that are initiated by the children themselves. This encourages children not only to be independent, but also interdependent as they interact as a group and communicate and explore their interests.
Inspiring thought and creativity
Our teachers and schools aim to inspire in children a sense of wonderment at the world and nurture their curiosity, creativity and imagination. We also believe in making the learning process fun and interactive, thus enabling the child to grow mentally, physically and emotionally all at once.
Balanced education
Co-curricular activities are highly important for the well-rounded development of a child, and we offer a range of courses, from arts to sports and life skills, that encourage the sensible and well-adjusted maturity of children. See our ‘Curriculum’ section for programme details.

To supports every child's emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs in order for them to achieve
academic success and become to be a responsible citizen. Our aim is to achieve this by developing critical
thinkers thru diversified educational system.
Core Values
Creating an enjoyable learning environment
Openness in communication
Being passionate in whatever we do
Respecting and caring for each other
Innovative and progressive thinkers
Upholding the culture and values
Purpose Statement
To educate the youth to be leaders in the global community.

  • Marina Low Swee Keow
    Principal / Branch Administrator
    Kinder World provides well-organized, interactive classroom learning and at the same time encourages children to do research and explore independent learning. We provide quality play base learning which will enhance their memory skills, language development and ability to make sense of the social world.
    Classes are conducted entirely in English. In addition, students are taught the foundation of Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin in order to prepare them to read and write in these languages.
    Great emphasis is also placed on experiences and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. At Kinder World, we offer co-curricular activities encompassing everything from taekwondo, art and craft, robotic and science, drama, musical creativity and dance.
    We have a dedicated team of specialist teachers are selected for various different programs and activities. We believe that these activities are not diversions from the taught curriculum; not something that children do after class simply to use up time; but rather, extensions of what goes on in the classroom.
    Kinder World signifies connectivity and as the hub of the learning, we welcome you to visit us and experience our very special school.
  • Irene Teoh
    Principal / Branch Administrator
    Irene Teoh has fifteen years of teaching experience and has been a Principal for more than 10 years. She holds Early Childhood Education.
    She is a dedicated, resourceful education professional with proven ability to create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment. She will ensure the school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and students. She will develop an environment that encourages open communication with colleagues, students and the community.
    She is a mentor, educators in the creation and implementation of class instructions, lesson plans and students assessment in conjunction with state learning regulations. Irene has a dedication, energy and positive leader,principal and educator. An inspiration to the staff, community and students.